I am a Motion Designer and Animator based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
I am freelancing with strong skills in animation both from my german studio in Frankfurt am Main and in-house around the globe. Feel free to get in touch. 
Clients I've worked with on various projects
AXA  ·  Airplus  ·  Aldi Nord  ·  Bourros  ·  Carl Zeiss  ·  Deutsche Sporthilfe  ·  DVAG  ·  Fitness First  ·  Fischer Verlag  ·  Goldener Westen  ·  Immowelt  ·  ING Diba  ·  KidKit  ·  Lufthansa  ·  MAN  ·  Pepsi  ·  Pernod Ricard  ·  Radeberger Gruppe  ·  Swarovski  ·  Swisscom  ·  Uniklinik Frankfurt  ·  Vario  ·  ZDF
2009 I graduated in communication design from the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. Up until today, I worked in various positions in all kinds of creative projects ranging from director, designer, illustrator, animator and storyteller.  
I consider myself a generalist. My main focus is animation and motion design. Various tasks from concepts and storytelling to stop-motion and 3D are also part of my skillset. I'm always keen to work with new people and collaborate on good projects. 
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