Ep. 01  "Armes Auge"
Concept: Klaus Schwope
Director: Me     Assistant Director: Paul Balykin
Design & Illustration: Paul Balykin & ME     
Lead Animation: Me     Animation: Paul Balykin 
Additional Animation: Lukas Kupfer & Martin Wolff
Agency: Nutcracker     Client: Carl Zeiss
Ep. 02 "Drive Safe"
Concept: Klaus Schwope
Director: Me     Assistant Director: Paul Balykin
Design & Illustration: Paul Balykin & Me     Animation: Paul Balykin & Me 
Additional Animation: Lukas Kupfer   Agency: Nutcracker  
Client: Carl Zeiss
Ep. 03  "All day long"
Concept: TLGG
Direction / Design / Illustration / Animation: Me
Additional Animation: Lukas Kupfer    Agency: Nutcracker
Client: Carl Zeiss
Poor Boi!
Art Direction • Illustration • Animation
Our eyes are amazing and they do a great job. Since we use modern electronics, most of us tend to look a lot at tiny displays in our hands or big ones infront of our faces. Over the day we do not even realise  how often we are looking at a screen. The films below are for Carl Zeiss and want to raise your awareness about this issue. The shorts are not connected to each other besides having the same main character and message.
Details? Null problemo!
Character driven projects are the best. Especially if you're allowed to beat the shit out of them. Sounds cruel, but look at the above Gif and tell me you do not get a smile from it! 
The first film lets common symbols of famous Internet plattforms do harm to the eye on a physical level. The second is focused on driving and the third one puts the eye through a whole day of events. All three film's common thread is putting the lil' fella through increasing levels of stress.
All scenes went on post-its to make early on decisions about the edit and timing. ​​​​​​​
Fully rigged eyeball-character.
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