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Make it minimalistic and bold.
Art Direction • Illustration • Animation
Lufthansa Cargo asked us to create a visual language for a series of animated films. They wanted a unique but simple style to communicate a wide range of topics and products.
'Mixed Compilation'
Editing: Me
The process.
The following video shows a sneak peak of the creative process and the amount of objects and sceneries we had to create for the videos in the last few years. 
'Nutcracker – case video'
Text:  Klaus Schwope
direction / Animation / Sound design:
additional animation:
Lukas kupfer    
Waylon thornton & Guitars State
The style.
The more minimalistc the visuals, the more the details and the rules on how the different elements and tools get used become important. 
Complex sceneries with distinct barriers between stacked layers of objects are important for creating a broad variety of visuals and topics.  
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